OSE/CDM-Smith has worked an agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for Design and Engineering Services (DES). OSE/CDM-Smith has performed various Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies at various Superfund Sites in Puerto Rico. OSE as Team Subcontractor, provides Geologists, Engineers, Scientists and Environmental Technicians experienced in environmental investigations, remediation and documentation. CDM-Smith under DES contract prepares remedial investigations and design for the USEPA, Region 2 at various Superfund Sites in Puerto Rico. Other works consists of locating and surveying installed monitoring wells, drilling, installation and purging of monitoring wells, collecting soil and groundwater samples and documentation, Site Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan, Site Specific Health and Safety Plan, GIS mapping and Oversight. Requirements such as quality assurance /quality control program are provided under on-site audits/inspections by EPA representatives. OSE furnishes highly experienced and qualified personnel, drilling equipment and supplies to support EPA Region II through the continuing Design and Services Contract Service Program in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


OSE personnel assists USEPA in the planning, execution and implementation of solutions for site cleanup and the alleviation of damage caused by hazardous substances and oil, multi-media sampling, including air, solids and liquids, disposal methods for hazardous waste, personal protective equipment, technical writing and computer skills, environmental assessments of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites impacted areas during the Hurricanes events. Assessment and Removal Action Oversight, Assistance to EPA Officials during Emergency Response, Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention support, Oil Pollution Act Compliance support, Information management/GIS support. As required by Weston Solutions, Inc. and USEPA, OSE technical personnel, fluently bilingual (speaking and reading English as well as Spanish), supported assignments in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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